Who am I?

A curious walker, a climber, a skydiver, and a future pharmacist.

I live my life by a simple concept, to live life to the fullest.  Whether it is by jumping out of an airplane or by spending my time with my great friends.  I want every moment to be meaningful.  I have always shared my stories about my adventures with the people around me.  My goal is to help inspire people to get out and enjoy this thing called life.  I would tell them about what I saw, what I did, what i felt like, and what it meant to me.  More often then not, words weren't enough to convey my message.  later in life, I ran into something called photography.

How did I get into photography? and Why?

It all started when I started hanging out with a new group of people.  Every time we would go somewhere cool, they would start taking pictures using their DSLR.  They would discuss the settings they were using, what lens, and all other photography talk.  I did not know a thing about what they were saying.  The next few days, I would spend my time telling my friends on how awesome my night was and how amazing the view was.  I kept running into a problem.  I couldn't exactly describe what I was seeing.  It was so hard to put what I saw exactly into words.  After few months of research, I decided I was going to invest in a DSLR.  Since that day, my entire perspective of life has changed.  I walk around looking for the perfect framing, composition, lighting, and subjects.  What I once had no clue about has now engulfed my life.